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Citrus x aurantiifolia(CIDAF)

Code created in: 1999-07-14

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: CIDAF
  • Preferred name: Citrus x aurantiifolia
  • Authority: (Christmann) Swingle


Hybrid (Citrus hystrix x Citrus medica). Cultigen from tropical Asia (India, Indochina, Malesia), and already widely cultivated in ancient times. Reached Europe and South America in more recent centuries. Introduced in tropical Africa, Caribbean, Central America, South America.

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Citrus acida Roxburgh
Citrus aurantiifolia (Christmann) Swingle
Citrus davaoensis (Wester) Yu. Tanaka
Citrus excelsa Wester
Citrus lima Lunan
Citrus limonellus Hasskarl
Citrus longispina Wester
Citrus medica subsp. acida (Roxburgh) Engler
Limonia aurantiifolia Christmann & Panzer

Common names
Name Language
key lime English
lime English
Mexican lime English
West Indian lime English
Limette German
Limone German
Limonelle German
saure Limette German
citron vert French
lime acide French
lime mexicaine French
limettier French
limonelle French
lima Spanish
lima agria Spanish
limero Spanish
limetero Spanish
limón corriente Spanish (BO)
limón criollo Spanish
limón sutil Spanish (AR)
lima Italian
limmetje Dutch
lima Portuguese
lima-ácida Portuguese
limão-de-galinha Portuguese
limão-galego Portuguese
limeira Portuguese
limeira-ácida Portuguese
lime Swedish
limon Swedish
västindisk limett Swedish
кислый лайм Russian
лайм Russian
lime Danish
Mexikansk lime Danish
limetti Finnish
bergamot Turkish
lima Polish
limeta kwaśna Polish
limetka Polish
limona Polish
limonka Polish
limondoa Basque
лайм Bulgarian
llima Catalan
llimer Catalan
llimera Catalan
lái méng Chinese
来檬 Chinese
kyselý lajm Czech
limetka Czech
limóna Icelandic
limau nipis Indonesian
limeta Slovene
ndimu Swahili