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Ceutorhynchus obstrictus(CEUTAS)

Code created in: 2002-10-17

Basic information
  • Preferred name: Ceutorhynchus obstrictus
  • Authority: (Marsham)


Taxonomic confusion took place for many years between C. assimilis and C. pleurostigma. It is currently considered that the turnip gall weevil is C. assimilis (formerly known as C. pleurostigma) and that the cabbage seed weevil is C. obstrictus (formerly known as C. assimilis).

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Ceutorhynchus assimilis (Paykull sensu auctorum)

Common names
Name Language
cabbage seed weevil English
cabbage shoot weevil English
turnip seed weevil English
Kohlschotenrüssler German
Rapsrüssler German
ceutorrhynque des siliques French
charançon de la graine du chou French
charançon des siliques French
charançon des siliques du colza French
ceutorrinco de la colza Spanish
ceutorrinco de los nabos Spanish
gorgojo de las selicuas de la colza Spanish
ceutorrinco delle rape Italian
punteruolo della colza Italian
punteruolo delle silique delle crucifere Italian
punteruolo del ravizzone Italian
koolsnuitkevertje Dutch
koolzaadsnuitkever Dutch
blygrå rapsvivel Swedish
skulpesnudebille Danish
skulpesnutebille Norwegian
rapsikärsäkäs Finnish
chowacz podobnik Polish
ankštinis paslėptastraublis Lithuanian