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Centaurea jacea subsp. timbalii(CENTI)

Code created in: 2015-10-05

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: CENTI
  • Preferred name: Centaurea jacea subsp. timbalii
  • Authority: (Martrin-Donos) Braun-Blanquet


Portugal and Spain (northern) to Italy, the Alps, Hungary and Poland. This subspecies is known by different scientific and common names in different countries and is the source of considerable confusion  

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Centaurea timbalii Martrin-Donos

Common names
Name Language
schmalblättrig Wiesenflockenblume German
centaurée à feuilles étroites French
centaurée sans aigrette French
centaurea a foglie strette Italian
fiordaliso ungherese Italian
chaber pannoński Polish
magyar imola Hungarian
kokoçel Albanian
ozkolistni glavinec Slovene