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Carpobrotus acinaciformis(CBSAC)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: CBSAC
  • Preferred name: Carpobrotus acinaciformis
  • Authority: (Linnaeus) Bolus


South Africa. Cultivated as an ornamental. Long considered to be invasive in coastal situations in Europe, like its fellow species C. edulis, but the plants concerned are now considered to be hybrids between the two species

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Mesembryanthemum acinaciforme Linnaeus

Common names
Name Language
red hottentot fig English
sally-my-handsome English
griffe de sorcière French
uñas de gato Spanish
fico degli Ottentoti commune Italian
карпобротус саблевидный Russian
buz çiçeği Turkish
bàlsam menut Catalan
sabljasti karpobrot Croatian