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Capra pyrenaica(CAPAPY)

Last modification: 2012-01-18

Basic information
  • EPPO code: CAPAPY
  • Preferred name: Capra pyrenaica
  • Authority: Schinz


Priority species, protected in the EU under Annexes 2 and 4 of the Habitats Directive, with particular respect to subsp. pyrenaica which is extinct but survives as a cloned cell culture.

Common names
Name Language
Iberiensteinbock German
Spanish ibex English
bucardo Spanish
bouquetin d'Espagne French
bouquetin ibérique French
stambecco iberico Italian
stambecco spagnolo Italian
Iberische steenbok Dutch
Spaanse steenbok Dutch
cabra-montesa Portuguese
пиренейский тур Russian
Iberisk stenbock Swedish
spansk stenbock Swedish