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Parasenecio hastatus(CACHA)

Last modification: 2014-10-06

Basic information
  • EPPO code: CACHA
  • Preferred name: Parasenecio hastatus
  • Authority: (Linnaeus) Koyama


European Russia to Siberia, Russian Far East and Central Asia, China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia. Plants from further east were originally described as a series of varieties, but these are no longer maintained

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Cacalia hastata Linnaeus
Cacalia hastata var. farfaraefolia (Maximowicz) Ohwi
Cacalia hastata var. hastata Linnaeus
Cacalia hastata var. orientalis (Kitamura) Ohwi
Cacalia hastata var. ramosa (Maximowicz) Kitamura
Cacalia hastata var. tanakae (Franchet & Savatier) Kitamura
Cacalia robusta Tolmachev
Parasenecio ramosus (Maximowicz) Koyama

Common names
Name Language
イヌドウナ Japanese
コウモリソウ Japanese
ヨブスマソウ Japanese
オオバコウモリ Japanese
inudôna Japanese
kômori-sô Japanese
ô-bakômori Japanese
yobusuma-sô Japanese
крестовник полынолистный Russian
недоспелка копьевидная Russian
недоспелка мощная Russian
shān jiān zi Chinese
山尖子 Chinese
털박쥐나물 Korean
teol bak jwi na mul Korean