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Bryonia dioica(BYODI)

Last modification: 2004-04-11

Basic information
  • EPPO code: BYODI
  • Preferred name: Bryonia dioica
  • Authority: Jacquin


Western Europe and Mediterranean, to Libya and Greece, Caucasus, Central Asia, naturalized in various eastern European countries. Used as a traditional medicinal plant. It should be noted that B. dioica is regarded by some authors as a subspecies of B. cretica (q.v.) or even conspecific with it. This causes confusion in relation to common names.

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Bryonia cretica subsp. dioica (Jacquin) Tutin

Common names
Name Language
aneb ed-dib Arabic
carbasseta Catalan
carbassina Catalan
posed dvoudomý Czech
tvebo galdebær Danish
Brachwurz German
rotbeerige Zaunrübe German
rotfrüchtige Zaunrübe German
Rotzaunrübe German
zweihäusige Zaunrübe German
common bryony English (GB)
red-berried bryony English
red-berry bryony English
red bryony English
white bryony English
alfasir Spanish
aquilonia Spanish
carbassina Spanish
nueza Spanish
tuca Spanish
uvas de perra Spanish
punakoiranköynnös Finnish
bryone French
bryone dioïque French
couleuvrée French
fausse coloquinte French
feu ardent French
herbe de feu French
ipécacuana indigène French
navet du diable French
racine vierge French
rave de serpent French
vigne blanche French
vigne du diable French
dvodomni bljuštac Croatian
piros földitök Hungarian
barbone Italian
brionia Italian
brionia comune Italian
fescera Italian
rapa del diavolo Italian
rapa di serpente Italian
vite bianca Italian
zucca selvatica Italian
heggerank Dutch
rødgallbær Norwegian
przestęp dwupienny Polish
briónia Portuguese
briônia Portuguese
briónia-branca Portuguese
erva-cobra Portuguese
nabo-do-diabo Portuguese
norca-branca Portuguese
norça-branca Portuguese
vide-branca Portuguese
mutătoare-rosie Romanian
переступень двудомный Russian
posed dvojdomý Slovak
rdečejagodasti bluščec Slovene
röd hundrova Swedish
переступень дводомний Ukrainian