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Brassica rapa(BRSRR)

Last modification: 2004-04-10

Basic information
  • EPPO code: BRSRR
  • Preferred name: Brassica rapa
  • Authority: Linnaeus


This species is the plant developed in cultivation as the root vegetable turnip, considered as var. rapa. The wild species is var. sylvestris (q.v.). It has also given rise, in cultivation, to leaf vegetable, forage and oilseed crops, considered as separate botanical varieties of B. rapa (q.v.), and introduced worldwide.

Genome sequence published in 2011

WSSA list of weeds in North America

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Brassica campestris subsp. rapifera (Metzger) Sinskaya
Brassica campestris var. rapifera Metzger
Brassica chinensis Linnaeus
Brassica rapa subsp. rapa Linnaeus

Common names
Name Language
бяла ряпа Bulgarian
турнипс Bulgarian
gruixuda Catalan
rel napiforme Catalan
rukev řepák Czech
vodnice Czech
majroe Danish
Rübe German
Stoppelrübe German
Wasserrübe German
weiße Rübe German
forage turnip English
garden turnip English
turnip English
nabo Spanish
nabo gallego Spanish
naerishein Estonian
põld-kapsasrohi Estonian
peltokaali Finnish
chou rave French
navet French
rave French
tarlórépa Hungarian
rapa Italian
rapa coltivata Italian
rapa da forraggio Italian
カブ Japanese
ナバナ Japanese
ハナナ Japanese
ナノハナ Japanese
hanana Japanese
kabu Japanese
nabana Japanese
nanohana Japanese
dirvinis bastutis Lithuanian
lauku rācenis Latvian
lange raap Dutch
stoppelknol Dutch
witte raap Dutch
åkerkål Norwegian
kapusta właśiwa Polish
rwepa właśiwa Polish
nabo Portuguese
nabo-ordinario Portuguese
nabo-peludo Portuguese
nabo-redondo Portuguese
turnepo Portuguese
nap Romanian
rapiţă-de-câmp Romanian
капуста полевая Russian
репа Russian
репа огородная Russian
турнепс Russian
oljna repica Slovene
repa Slovene
lakër Albanian
rova Swedish
şalgam Turkish
ріпа Ukrainian
турнепс Ukrainian
mán jīng Chinese
蔓菁 Chinese