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Botrytis aclada(BOTRAL)

Code created in: 2002-02-28

Basic information
  • Preferred name: Botrytis aclada
  • Authority: Fresenius

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Botrytis allii Munn

Common names
Name Language
grey mould neck rot of onion English
grey mould rot: vegetables English
leaf blight of onion English
neck rot of onion English
Grauschimmelfäule: Gemüse German
Grauschimmelfäule: Zwiebel German
Halsfäule: Zwiebel German
pourriture du col de l'oignon French
pourriture grise du collet de l'oignon French
podredumbre del bulbo Spanish
pudrición del cuello de la cebolla Spanish
pudrición del cuello del ajo Spanish
svogūnų puvinys Lithuanian