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Anredera cordifolia(BOGCO)

Last modification: 2004-05-01

Basic information
  • EPPO code: BOGCO
  • Preferred name: Anredera cordifolia
  • Authority: (Tenore) Steenis


Tropical America. Introduced into southern Europe, and in particular to Madeira, as an ornamental and sometimes naturalized.

WSSA list of weeds in North America

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Boussingaultia cordifolia Tenore
Boussingaultia gracilis Miers
Boussingaultia gracilis var. pseudobaselloides (Hauman) L.H.Bailey

Common names
Name Language
bridal wreath English
heart-leaf Madeira vine English
lamb's-tail English (AU)
Madeira vine English (US)
mignonette vine English
Basellkartoffel German
knollige Beerblume German
Spinatranke German
éginétie French
vigne de Madère French
brotal Spanish (AR)
parra de Madeira Spanish
parra-da-madeira Portuguese
アカザカズラ Japanese
akazakazura Japanese
анредера сердцелистная Russian
буссенгольция сердцелистная Russian
bàlsam emparrador Catalan
бусенгольція базелоподібна Ukrainian