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Betula pubescens var. glabrata(BETPG)

Code created in: 2013-11-22

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: BETPG
  • Preferred name: Betula pubescens var. glabrata
  • Authority: Wahlenberg


Carpathians, but also in various countries of northern and western Europe

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Betula alba subsp. glutinosa (Berher) Holub
Betula carpatica Willdenow
Betula odorata Bechstein
Betula pubescens subsp. carpatica (Willdenow) Ascherson & Gräbner

Common names
Name Language
Carpathian birch English
Karpaten-Birke German
bouleau des Carpates French
bouleau poisseux French
берёза карпатская Russian
brzoza omszona karpacka Polish
bříza karpatská Czech
bříza karpatská Slovak
береза дніпровська Ukrainian