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Bemisia tabaci(BEMITA)

Distribution details in Sweden

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2021: Absent, pest eradicated
First recorded in: 1987
Pest status declared by NPPO: Absent, pest eradicated (2021-02)
From CABI Pest map 284 (1999): Present, few occurrences
Occasionally found in glasshouse production but always subject to eradication measures.

EPPO Reporting Service 499/01: southern part on Euphorbia pulcherrima. EPPO Reporting Service 500/08, and begonia.

In 1997, 10 cases in poinsettia out of 183 nurseries inspected, all associated with imported cuttings. Successful eradication. In 1998, one case in June, on Ficus. No cases on poinsettia.

From NPPO (2017): in 2015 2 outbreak were recorded in greenhouses (on Stellaria media in 1 glasshouse and only caught on yellow sticky traps in the other glasshouse). Phytosanitary measures were taken and the pest was eradicated.

From NPPO (2021): Sweden is an EU protected zone for European populations of B. tabaci. The pest is found occasionally on introduced plant material for pot plants (mainly poinsettias). If found the pest will be eradicated.
* Nedstam B (1988) [A new whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae), in Swedish greeenhouses]. Vaxtskyddsnotiser 52(3), 71-72 (in Swedish).
------- Under glass.

* NPPO of Sweden (2017, 2021-02).

* Pettersson ML, Ramert B (1988) [Agricultural pests and diseases in Sweden 1987]. Vaxtskyddsnotiser 52(3), 66-70 (in Swedish).
------- First report from Sweden [under glass].
Situation in neighbouring countries
Country State Status
Finland Transient, under eradication view...
Norway Present, restricted distribution view...