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Begonia semperflorens hybrids(BEGSH)

Last modification: 2002-09-15

Basic information
  • EPPO code: BEGSH
  • Preferred name: Begonia semperflorens hybrids


Garden hybrids of B. cucullata var. hookeri with B. schmidtiana, and later with other Begonia spp. Cultivated as summer bedding plants in temperate zones and all the year round in warmer climates

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Begonia hortensis Weber
Begonia semperflorens Link & Otto
Begonia Semperflorens-cultorum hybrids

Common names
Name Language
bedding begonia English
begonia (Semperflorens hybrids) English
wax begonia English
Begonia-Semperflorens-Hybriden German
bégonia cireuse French
bégonia (hybrides Semperflorens) French
sommarbegonia Swedish
シキザキベゴニア Japanese
ベゴニア・センパフローレンス Japanese
begonia-sempafurôrensu Japanese
shikizaki-begonia Japanese
sommerbegonie Danish
isbegonia Norwegian
kesäbegonia Finnish