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Borassus aethiopum(BASAE)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: BASAE
  • Preferred name: Borassus aethiopum
  • Authority: von Martius


Sénégal to Ethiopia, Cameroon to Kenya, to Zaïre, to Mozambique, South Africa (northern), Madagascar

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Borassus flabellifer var. aethiopum Warburg

Common names
Name Language
African fan palm English
African palmyra palm English
agobeam English
black rhun palm English
deleb palm English
ronier palm English
ron palm English
toddy palm English
äthiopische Palmyrapalme German
Deleb-Palme German
palmier rônier French
rônier French
borasso Italian
rônier-palm Dutch
palmeira-do-marfim Portuguese
palmeira-leque Portuguese
palmeiro-abanico Portuguese
palmyrapalm Swedish
борассус эфиопский Russian