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Avicennia marina(AVIMA)

Code created in: 2018-04-23

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: AVIMA
  • Preferred name: Avicennia marina
  • Authority: (Forsskål) Vierhapper


Coasts of Western Asia, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China (including Taiwan), Indochina, Malesia, eastern Africa to Mozambique and South Africa, Madagascar, Australia, New Zealand

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Avicennia intermedia Griffith
Avicennia mindanaensis Elmer
Sceura marina Forsskål

Common names
Name Language
grey mangrove English
manawa English (NZ)
white mangrove English
palétuvier gris French
witseebasboom Afrikaans
hǎi lǎn cí shǔ Chinese
海榄雌属 Chinese