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Avena strigosa(AVESG)

Code created in: 2004-04-10

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: AVESG
  • Preferred name: Avena strigosa
  • Authority: Schreber


Origin uncertain, but probably Mediterranean. The species is known only in cultivation, principally as a forage crop, now in decline in Europe (where it persists as a casual). Still in active cultivation in South America. Various subordinate taxa have been described (e.g. subsp. hispanica) but are not now retained

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Avena hispanica Arduino
Avena strigosa subsp. strigosa Schreber

Common names
Name Language
black oat English
bristle oat English
lopside oat English (GB)
sand oat English
small oat English (GB)
Rauhhafer German
Sandhafer German
Zweispitzhafer German
avoine maigre French
avoine nerveuse French
avoine rude French
avoine strigueuse French
avena scabra Italian
avena smilza Italian
evene Dutch
aveia Portuguese
aveia-brasileira Portuguese (BR)
aveia-estrigosa Portuguese
aveia-negra Portuguese
aveião Portuguese
aveia-preta Portuguese (BR)
aveinha Portuguese
purrhavre Swedish
овес щетинистый Russian
busthavre Norwegian
ukonkaura Finnish
owies owsik Polish
owies szorstki Polish
tërshëra e ranishteve Albanian
zob  Croatian
oves hřebílkatý Czech
oves hubený Czech
liivkaer Estonian
velnauza Latvian
aviža netikšė Lithuanian
ovos ježatý Slovak
овес щетинистий Ukrainian