EPPO Global Database

Aulacorthum solani(AULASO)

Associated EPPO Standards

Number Title Download
PP1/230(1) Aphids on potato
PP1/265(1) Aphid vectors of non-persistent viruses on flower bulb or flower tuber crops
PP1/300(1) Aphids on fruiting vegetables of the Solanaceae and Cucurbitaceae families under protected and field conditions Link
PP2/003(2) Glasshouse lettuce
PP2/012(1) Beet
PP2/013(1) Ornamentals under protected cultivation
PP2/015(1) Tobacco
PP2/021(1) Sunflower
PP2/027(1) Citrus + erratum
PP2/029(1) Solanaceous crops under protected cultivation
PP2/030(1) Outdoor solanaceous crops