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Actinidia chinensis(ATICH)

Last modification: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO code: ATICH
  • Preferred name: Actinidia chinensis
  • Authority: Planchon


China. Introduced into and cultivated for its fruits in warmer coutries throughout the world. The name was originally used to include plants now known as a separate species A. deliciosa. This is in fact the species most widely grown.

Common names
Name Language
almindelig kiwi Danish
chinesischer Strahlengriffel German
Kiwi German
Schlingpflanze German
Strahlengriffel German
сhinesischer Strahlengriffel German
China gooseberry English
Chinese kiwi English
summer kiwi English
actinidia Spanish
kiwi Spanish
lulo Spanish
actinidie de Chine French
aktinidija Croatian
actinidia Italian
ananas kiwi Italian
キウイ Japanese
キウイフルーツ Japanese
kiui Japanese
kiuifurûtsu Japanese
Chinese kiwi Dutch
aktinidia chińska Polish
kiwi Portuguese
kiwizeiro Portuguese
quiuí Portuguese
актинидия китайская Russian
äkta kiwi Swedish
zhōng huá mí hóu táo Chinese
中华猕猴桃 Chinese