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Tripolium pannonicum(ASTTL)

Code created in: 2015-09-06

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: ASTTL
  • Preferred name: Tripolium pannonicum
  • Authority: (Jacquin) Dobroczajeva


This form (originally Aster pannonicus) has a southern distribution, occurring around the Mediterranean, and inland in central and eastern Europe, extending to Central Asia and China. It is distinct from subsp. tripolium (formerly Aster tripolium) which occurs along the northern Atlantic, North Sea and Baltic coasts, and northern Asia. Because of the confusion of the names, it is not always clear to which subspecies the common names apply. Besides, some authors do not distinguish the subspecies

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Aster tripolium subsp. longicaulis (de Candolle) Nyman
Tripolium pannonicum subsp. pannonicum (Jacquin) Dobroczajeva

Common names
Name Language
Pannonien-Salzaster German
Salzaster German
barba roja Spanish
estrella de arroyos Spanish
tripolio Spanish
astro marino Italian
asterisco-de-praia Portuguese
malmequer Portuguese
malmequer-da-praia Portuguese
malmequer-das-praias Portuguese
астра паннонская Russian
солончаковая астра венгерская Russian
солончаковая астра паннонская Russian
триполиум паннонский Russian
bataklık papatyas Turkish
bataklık papatyası Turkish
aster habbitzot Hebrew
אַסְתֵּר הַבִּצּוֹת Hebrew
pozsgás őszirózsa Hungarian
sziki őszirózsa Hungarian
голо димитровче Bulgarian
àster tripoli Catalan
cabridell Catalan
cabridella Catalan
jiǎn wǎn shǔ Chinese
碱菀属 Chinese
panonski zvjezdan Croatian
hvězdnice panonská Czech
astrička panónska Slovak
obmorska nebina Slovene
солончакова айстра паннонська Ukrainian