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Didymella pisi(ASCOPI)

Last modification: 2002-02-22

Basic information
  • EPPO code: ASCOPI
  • Preferred name: Didymella pisi
  • Authority: Chilvers, Rogers & Peever

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Ascochyta pisi Libert
Ascochyta pisicola (Berkeley) Saccardo

Common names
Name Language
Brennfleckenkrankheit: Ackerbohne German
Brennfleckenkrankheit: Erbse German
Brennfleckenkrankheit: Klee German
Brennfleckenkrankheit: Luzerne German
blight of pea English
brown spot of broad bean English
lead spot of pea English
leaf spot of clover English
leaf spot of lucerne English
pod spot of pea English
antracnosis del haba Spanish
rabia del guisante Spanish
anthracnose du pois French
ascochytose du pois French
chancre gris du mélilot French
taches brunes du pois French
taches foliaires du pois French