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Armeria arenaria(ARVAR)

Code created in: 2015-04-22

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: ARVAR
  • Preferred name: Armeria arenaria
  • Authority: (Persoon) Schultes


Western Europe. The taxonomy of this species and its subspecies appears confused

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Armeria arenaria subsp. segoviensis (Bernis) Nieto Feliner
Armeria duriensis subsp. oretana (Bernis) Franco
Armeria plantaginea (Allioni) Willdenow
Statice arenaria Persoon
Statice plantaginea Allioni

Common names
Name Language
Jersey thrift English
plantain-leaved thrift English
Wegerichgrasnelke German
arméria à feuilles de plantain French
arméria à larges feuilles French
arméria des sables French
arméria faux-plantain French
spillone lanceolato Italian
schijnweegbree Dutch
армерия песчаная Russian