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Areca catechu(ARMCA)

Last modification: 2002-02-02

Basic information
  • EPPO code: ARMCA
  • Preferred name: Areca catechu
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Philippines, but now cultivated throughout tropical Asia, Pacific and East Africa.  Grown for its nuts, which are chewed with betel (Piper betle, q.v.)

Common names
Name Language
areca-nut palm English
betel-nut palm English
Betelnußpalme German
Betelpalme German
Katechupalme German
arec cachou French
aréquier French
noyer d'arec French
areca Spanish
palmera de betel Spanish
palmera de nuez de betel Spanish
areca Italian
avellana d'India Italian
palma catechu Italian
areekpalm Dutch
arekanootboom Dutch
palmeira-de-betel Portuguese
betelpalm Swedish
бетелевая пальма Russian
bīng láng Chinese
槟榔 Chinese