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Aralia elata(ARLEL)

Code created in: 2002-09-14

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: ARLEL
  • Preferred name: Aralia elata
  • Authority: (Miquel) Seemann


Russian Far East, China (Manchuria), Japan, Korea. Cultivated as an ornamental.  This Japanese aralia  (which also occurs in China) exists in many cultivated forms and is the relatively familiar cultivated aralia. A. chinensis (q.v.), the authentic Chinese aralia, comes from southern China and is less known horticulturally 

Common names
Name Language
Japanese angelica tree English
Japanese aralia English
japanische Aralie German
japanischer Angelicabaum German
Stachelaralie German
Teufelskrückstock German
angélique de Chine French
angélique du Japon French
aralie japonaise French
arbre angélique du Japon French
árbol de angélica Spanish
angelica del Giappone Italian
aralia elevata Italian
duivelswandelstok Dutch
engelenboom Dutch
árbol-de-angélica-japonesa Portuguese
parkaralia Swedish
tara-no-ki Japanese
タラノキ Japanese
аралия высокая Russian
høstaralia Norwegian
piikkiaralia Finnish
pirunkeppi Finnish
aralia japońska Polish
dzięglawa japońska Polish
mandzsu arália Hungarian
cong mù Chinese
楤木 Chinese
arálie vysoká Czech
mandžurska aralija Slovene