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Arbutus unedo(ARDUN)

Last modification: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO code: ARDUN
  • Preferred name: Arbutus unedo
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Mediterranean (except southeast), Black Sea, Ireland, Canary Islands. Cultivated as a small ornamenetal tree. The fruits are harvested in the wild and  used to make preserves and liqueur. They were formerly used medicinally

Common names
Name Language
abo hno Arabic
أبو حنو Arabic
arboç Catalan
arbocer Catalan
cirerer dels llops Catalan
cirerer de pastor Catalan
llipoter Catalan
sirerer d'arboç Catalan
Erdbeerbaum German
westlicher Erdbeerbaum German
Irish strawberry tree English
Killarney strawberry tree English
strawberry madrone English (US)
strawberry tree English
albornio Spanish
alborocera Spanish
alborozas Spanish
borto Spanish
madroño Spanish
kandana Basque
kurkuxa Basque
arbousier French
arbousier commun French
arbousier unédo French
arbre aux fraises French
frôle French
olonier French
planika Croatian
albatro Italian
arbuto Italian
cocomero Italian
corbezzolo Italian
rossetto Italian
suorvo Italian
aardbeiboom Dutch
ervedeiro Portuguese
êrvedo Portuguese
êrvodo Portuguese
medronheiro Portuguese
medronheiro-comum Portuguese
meródios Portuguese
арбутус обыкновенный Russian
земляничник крупноплодный Russian
земляничник обыкновенный Russian
земляничное дерево Russian
земляничное дерево крупноплодное Russian
navadna jagodičnica Slovene
mare Albanian
smultronträd Swedish
kocayemiş Turkish