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Annona squamosa(ANUSQ)

Code created in: 2001-10-07

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: ANUSQ
  • Preferred name: Annona squamosa
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Mexico, Central America, Colombia. Cultivated for its edible fruits. Introduced in Western Asia, India, Sri Lanka, Indochina, Malesia, Africa (mainly in northeast and east), USA (Florida), Caribbean, Brazil and other countries of northern South America

Common names
Name Language
cachiman English
Cuban sugar apple English
custard apple English
sugar apple English
sweetsop English
Rahmannone German
Rahmapfel German
Rahmapfelbaum German
Schuppenannone German
Süßsack German
Süßsackbaum German
Zimtapfelbaum German
Zuckerapfelbaum German
anone écailleuse French
attier French
corossolier à fruits écailleux French
pomme-cannelle French
pommier cannelle French
ahate Spanish (HN)
anón Spanish
anona blanca Spanish
anono de Castilla Spanish (MX)
ate Spanish
atta Spanish
riñon Spanish
saramuya Spanish
anona scaliosa Italian
mela canella Italian
pomo canella Italian
kaneel-appelboom Dutch
anoneira Portuguese
ata Portuguese
fruta-do-Conde Portuguese
fruta-pinha Portuguese