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Anemone trifolia(ANMTR)

Last modification: 2014-12-09

Basic information
  • EPPO code: ANMTR
  • Preferred name: Anemone trifolia
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Portugal to Hungary. Cultivated as an ornamental and widely naturalized. The nominate subsp. occurs to the east of the Iberian peninsula

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Anemone trifolia subsp. trifolia Linnaeus

Common names
Name Language
bredfliget anemone Danish
three-leaved anemone English
alppivuokko Finnish
anémone à trois feuilles French
trolisna šumarica Croatian
hármaslevelű szellőrózsa Hungarian
anemone trifogliata Italian
trefingersymre Norwegian
анемоноидес трёхлистный Russian
ветреница трёхлистная Russian
ветреничка трёхлистная Russian
trilistna vetrnica Slovene
trillingsippa Swedish