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Anemone hupehensis(ANMHU)

Code created in: 1999-07-13

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: ANMHU
  • Preferred name: Anemone hupehensis
  • Authority: Lemaire


China. This is the principal parent of a widely cultivated set of garden cultivars and hybrids, variously known as A. hupehensis, or its var. japonica (q.v.) or Anemone x hybrida (q.v.)

Common names
Name Language
Chinese anemone English
Japanese anemone English
chinesische Herbst-Anemone German
anémone du Japon French
anémona-do-japão Portuguese
anémona-do-Japão Portuguese
анемона хупейская Russian
ветреница хубэйская Russian
kínai szellőrózsa Hungarian
dǎ pò wǎn huā huā Chinese
打破碗花花 Chinese