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Amaranthus hypochondriacus(AMAHP)

Code created in: 1999-09-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: AMAHP
  • Preferred name: Amaranthus hypochondriacus
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Originally Mexico. A cultivated plant, probably derived in North America from parents including A. powellii and A. cruentus. It was an early but minor grain crop in Mexico. It is now grown mainly as a garden ornamental. Though it may occasionally naturalize, it is not, like other members of its genus, a noxious weed.

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Amaranthus hybridus subsp. hypochondriacus (Linnaeus) Thellung
Amaranthus hybridus var. erythrostachys Moquet

Common names
Name Language
Prince of Wales feather English
prince's feather English
prince's-feather amaranth English
amarante à épis verts French
amaranto Spanish
bredo-vermelho Portuguese
caruru-vermelho Portuguese
toppamarant Swedish
амарант гипохондрический Russian
амарант печальный Russian
амарант темный Russian
meksikonrevonhäntä Finnish
piros disznóparéj Hungarian
тъжен щир Bulgarian
laskavec červenoklasý Czech
láskavec smutný Slovak
щириця хрящевидна Ukrainian