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Amaranthus hybridus(AMACH)

Last modification: 2004-04-10

Basic information
  • EPPO code: AMACH
  • Preferred name: Amaranthus hybridus
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Tropical and subtropical regions of America. Widespread as a weed in warmer parts of the world

WSSA list of weeds in North America.

A. hybridus is the wild progenitor of several cultivated amaranths: A. caudatus, A. cruentus (q.v.), A. hypochondriacus (q.v.). These plants are grown as ornamentals or for their grain, they do not exist in the wild, and are not weeds. A. patulus Bertoloni is a spreading form of A. hybridus.

There is continuing disagreement whether the correct name for the whole complex should be A. hybridus or A. cruentus. The situation appears to be inextricable

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Amaranthus chlorostachys Willdenow
Amaranthus erythrostachys Moquin-Tandon
Amaranthus hybridus subsp. patulus (Bertoloni)Thellung
Amaranthus patulus Bertoloni

Common names
Name Language
хибриден щир Bulgarian
marxant menut Catalan
laskavec rozkladitý Czech
laskavec zvrhlý Czech
topamarant Danish
Bastardamarant German
grünähriger Amarant German
grünähriger Fuchsschwanz German
schlankähriger Fuchsschwanz German
green amaranth English (GB)
green pigweed English (US)
slim amaranth English (AU)
smooth pigweed English (US)
spleen amaranth English
wild blite English
amaranto híbrido Spanish
ataco Spanish (CO)
bledo Spanish
bledo manso Spanish (HN)
bledo sin espinas Spanish
jataco Spanish (BO)
moco de pavo Spanish (CL)
penacho Spanish (CL)
quelite Spanish (HN)
tataco Spanish (BO)
yucco Spanish (BO)
hoikkarevonhäntä Finnish
viljarevonhäntä Finnish
amarante à épi vert clair French
amarante hybride French
amarante paniculée French
amarante verte French
queue-de-renard à épi vert clair French
križani šćir Croatian
karcsú disznóparéj Hungarian
terpedt disznóparéj Hungarian
amaranto a spiga verde Italian
ホソアオゲイトウ Japanese
ホナガアオゲイトウ Japanese
ムラサキアオゲイトゥ Japanese
honaga-aogeitô Japanese
hoso-aogeitô Japanese
murasaki-aogeitô Japanese
긴털비름 Korean
gin teol bi reum Korean
basterdamarant Dutch
groene amarant Dutch
toppamarant Norwegian
szarłat prosty Polish
szarłat zielony Polish
beldro Portuguese
bredo Portuguese
bredos Portuguese
bredo-vermelho Portuguese
caruru-branco Portuguese (BR)
caruru-de-folha-larga Portuguese (BR)
caruru-roxo Portuguese
carurú-roxo Portuguese
caruru-vermelho Portuguese
crista-de-galo Portuguese
știr hibrid Romanian
амарант тёмный Russian
щирица гибридная Russian
щирица метельчатая Russian
láskavec bastardný Slovak
láskavec hybridný Slovak
izrodni ščirovke Slovene
nena hibride Albanian
nenë Albanian
nålamarant Swedish
melez mancar Turkish
щириця гібридна Ukrainian
lǜ suì xiàn Chinese
绿穗苋 Chinese