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Amaranthus bouchonii(AMABO)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: AMABO
  • Preferred name: Amaranthus bouchonii
  • Authority: Thellung


Probably of North American origin. Now widespread as a weed in many parts of the world. Considered by some authors to be simply an indehiscent variant of A. powellii

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Amaranthus hybridus subsp. bouchonii (Thellung) Bolòs & Vigo
Amaranthus powellii subsp. bouchonii (Thellung) Costea & Carretero

Common names
Name Language
indehiscent amaranth English
Bouchons Amarant German
Bouchons Fuchsschwanz German
amarante de Bouchon French
bledo Spanish
amaranto di Bouchon Italian
Bouchons amarant Dutch
щирица бухони Russian
щирица Бушона Russian
szarłat Bouchona Polish
piros amaránt Hungarian
laskavec Bouchonův Czech
láskavec Bouchonov Slovak