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Alysicarpus vaginalis(ALZVA)

Code created in: 2004-04-29

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: ALZVA
  • Preferred name: Alysicarpus vaginalis
  • Authority: (Linnaeus) A.de Candolle


Western Asia, Himalayas, India to Indochina, Sri Lanka, China (including Taiwan), Malesia, tropical Africa, Madagascar, New Guinea. Introduced in USA, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, South America (Colombia to Bolivia and southern Brazil)

WSSA list of weeds in North America

Common names
Name Language
alyce clover English (GB)
one-leaf clover English (US)
white moneywort English
alysicarpus French
herbe savane French
trèfle courant French
maní cimarrón Spanish
treból alicia Spanish
trifoglio d'Alice Italian
alisocampo-de-foldas-moedas Portuguese
liàn jiá dòu Chinese
链荚豆 Chinese