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Aloysia citriodora(ALYTR)

Code created in: 2002-09-14

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: ALYTR
  • Preferred name: Aloysia citriodora
  • Authority: Palau


South America. Cultivated for its aromatic leaves, used to prepare a popular South American drink, and imported into Mediterranean Europe, and then elsewhere, for this purpose. Often persisting after cultivation and finally naturalized.  

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Aloysia triphylla (L'Héritier) Britton
Lippia citriodora (Palau) Kunth
Lippia triphylla (L'Héritier) Kuntze
Verbena triphylla L'Héritier

Common names
Name Language
bee balm English
lemon beebush English
lemon verbena English
sweet-scented verbena English
Zitronenduftstrauch German
Zitronenstrauch  German
Zitronenverbene German
verveine citronelle French
verveine du Pérou French
verveine odorante French
cedrón Spanish (AR)
cedrón del Perú Spanish
cidrón Spanish
hierba cidrera Spanish
hierba de la primavera Spanish
hierba de la princesa Spanish
hierba de María Luisa Spanish
hierba luisa Spanish
hierba Luisa Spanish
luisa Spanish
maría luisa Spanish
reina luisa Spanish
verbena de olor de cidra Spanish
verbena de tres hojas Spanish
verbena olorosa Spanish
cedrina Italian
erba luigia Italian
erba luisa Italian
limoncina Italian
verbena odorosa Italian
citroenverbena Dutch
bela-aloísia Portuguese
bela-luísa Portuguese
cidrila Portuguese
doce-lima Portuguese
erva-luísa Portuguese
limonete Portuguese
lúcia-lima Portuguese
pessegueiro-inglês Portuguese
verbena-cidrada Portuguese
citronverbena Swedish
алоизия трёхлистная Russian
лимонная вербена Russian
citron-aloysia Danish
citron-verbena Danish
cukrownica trójlistna Polish
lippia trójlistna Polish
miłowonka trójlistna Polish
werbena cytrynowa Polish
lipje Albanian
алойзия Bulgarian
лимонова върбинка Bulgarian
herba de la princesa Catalan
herba Marialluïsa Catalan