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Allamanda cathartica(ALWCA)

Last modification: 2002-02-21

Basic information
  • EPPO code: ALWCA
  • Preferred name: Allamanda cathartica
  • Authority: Linnaeus


South America (northern), Brazil. Cultivated as an outdoor ornamental in the tropica, and as a houseplant elsewhere

Common names
Name Language
Allamande German
Goldtrompete German
common trumpetvine English
golden trumpet English
yellow allamanda English
alamanda Spanish
flor de mantequilla Spanish
jazmín de Cuba Spanish
trompeta amarilla Spanish
trompeta de oro Spanish
trompeta dorada Spanish
allamanda jaune French
liane à lait French
trompette dorée French
allamanda Italian
アラマンダ Japanese
aramanda Japanese
alamanda Portuguese (BR)
dedal-de-dama Portuguese (BR)
flor-de-manteiga Portuguese
orelia Portuguese (BR)
santamaria Portuguese (BR)
алламанда слабительная Russian
ruǎn zhī huáng chán Chinese
软枝黄蝉 Chinese