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Alternaria alternata(ALTEAL)

Code created in: 2002-02-27

Basic information
  • Preferred name: Alternaria alternata
  • Authority: (Fries) Keissler

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Alternaria tenuis Nees

Common names
Name Language
brown spot of tobacco English
core rot of apple English
fruit rot of tomato English
leaf blight of bean English
leaf blight of beet English
mouldy core of apple English
storage rot of apple English
storage rot of pear English
Dürrfleckenkrankheit: Rübe German
Dürrfleckenkrankheit: Tabak German
Fleckenkrankheit: Bohne German
Fleckenkrankheit: Rübe German
Lagerfäule: Apfel German
Lagerfäule: Birne German
Tabakschwamm German
alternariose de la betterave French
alternariose de la pomme de terre French
alternariose des agrumes French
gale du poirier French
maladie du plant de tabac French
alternariosis Spanish
alternariosis del tomate Spanish
альтернариоз картофеля Russian