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Allium cepa(ALLCE)

Code created in: 1999-07-13

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: ALLCE
  • Preferred name: Allium cepa
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Possibly of Central Asian origin. Widely cultivated in Europe and Asia as a food and flavouring plant since ancient times, in numerous cultivated forms, and more recently worldwide. Occurs as an escape from cultivation 

One type of cultivated onion, known as shallot, was previously considered as a separate species A. ascalonicum. Shallots are now considered to belong among the Aggregatum types (q.v.) of A. cepa

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Allium cepa var. cepa

Common names
Name Language
garden onion English
onion English
scallion English (US)
Bolle German
gewöhnliche Zwiebel German
Hauszwiebel German
Kartoffelzwiebel German
Küchenzwiebel German
Sommerzwiebel German
Zwiebel German
ail oignon French
ail oignon French
oignon French
oignon des jardins French
oignon patate French
cebolla Spanish
escalona Spanish
cipolla Italian
cipollina Italian
ui Dutch
cebola Portuguese
chalotas Portuguese
lök Swedish
tamanegi Japanese
タマネギ Japanese
лук репчатый Russian
forårsløg Danish
kepa-løg Danish
løg Danish
skalotte-løg Danish
soğan Turkish
shum Hebrew
שׁוּם Hebrew
ui Afrikaans
cebula Polish
czosnek cebula Polish
vöröshagyma Hungarian
qepë Albanian
tipula Basque
кромид лук Bulgarian
кромидът Bulgarian
ceba Catalan
yáng cōng Chinese
yáng cōng Chinese
洋葱 Chinese
洋葱 Chinese
obični luk Croatian
cibule kuchyňská Czech
pyaz Hindi
प्याज Hindi
양파 Korean
yang pa Korean
svogūnai Lithuanian
ceba Occitan
cébe Occitan
onhon Occitan
sébe Occitan
ceapă Romanian
лук Serbian
cesnak cibuľový Slovak
čebula Slovene
цибуля городня Ukrainian