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Aloe arborescens(ALFAR)

Last modification: 1999-07-13

Basic information
  • EPPO code: ALFAR
  • Preferred name: Aloe arborescens
  • Authority: Miller


Southern Africa. Cultivated as an ornamental and for medicinal purposes. Naturalized in western Mediterranean, Japan, China and many other countries

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Aloe arborescens subsp. arborescens

Common names
Name Language
candelabra aloe English
octopus plant English
torch plant English
Baum-Aloe German
aloë arborescent French
aloë candélabre French
aloès arborescent French
corne de bélier French
aloe Spanish
azabara Spanish
pulpo Spanish
zabida Spanish
zabila Spanish
aloe Italian
aloé Portuguese
aloé-candelabro Portuguese
babosa Portuguese
foguetes-de-natal Portuguese
vela Portuguese
キダチアロエ Japanese
kidachi-aroe Japanese
алоэ древовидное Russian
aloe Albanian
àloe arborescent Catalan
алоја Serbian