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Agrostis delicatula(AGSDE)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: AGSDE
  • Preferred name: Agrostis delicatula
  • Authority: Lapeyrouse


Mountains from Morocco to Spain and French Pyrenees. Some authors divide this species into several subspecies

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Agrostis delicatula subsp. delicatula Lapeyrouse
Agrostis delicatula subsp. duriaei (Willkomm) Rivas Martínez
Agrostis truncatula Parlatore
Agrostis truncatula subsp. commista Castroviejo & Charpin
Neoschischkinia truncatula (Parlatore) Valdés & Scholz
Neoschischkinia truncatula subsp. duriaei (Willkomm) Valdés & Scholz

Common names
Name Language
barbas-de-raposa Portuguese
erva-feno Portuguese
erva-fina Portuguese
linho-de-raposa Portuguese
неошишкиния усеченная Russian