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Aethionema monospermum(AEHSO)

Code created in: 2014-11-03

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: AEHSO
  • Preferred name: Aethionema monospermum
  • Authority: Brown


Pyrenees, Sardinia, southwest Mediterranean. Some authors distinguish two species, of overlapping range, under the names A. monospermum and A. ovalifolium 

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Aethionema marginatum (Lapeyrouse) Montemurro
Aethionema ovalifolium (de Candolle) Boissier
Aethionema pyrenaicum Boutigny
Aethionema saxatile subsp. monospermum (Brown) Fournier
Aethionema saxatile subsp. ovalifolium (de Candolle) Nyman
Aethionema saxatile var. monospermum (Brown) Thellung

Common names
Name Language
aethionéma à une graine French
zurrón de pastor de roca Spanish