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Adiantum raddianum(ADIRA)

Last modification: 2002-02-06

Basic information
  • EPPO code: ADIRA
  • Preferred name: Adiantum raddianum
  • Authority: C. Presl


Brazil. Introduced into and sometimes naturalized in other tropical or warm-temperate countries, notably Macaronesia and Portugal. Cultivated as an ornamental fern, outdoors in the tropics or indoors in the temperate zone.  

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Adiantum cuneatum Langsdorff & Fischer

Common names
Name Language
delta maidenhair fern English
keilförmiger Frauenhaarfarn German
capillaire cunéiforme French
cabello de Venus Spanish
culantrillo Spanish
avenca-comum Portuguese
avenca-delta Portuguese
cabelo-de-vénus Portuguese
アジアンタム Japanese
コバホウライシダ Japanese
カラクサホウライシダ Japanese
ajiantamu Japanese
karakusa-hôrai-shida Japanese
koba-hôrai-shida Japanese
адиантум Радди Russian