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Acanthus mollis(ACUMO)

Last modification: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO code: ACUMO
  • Preferred name: Acanthus mollis
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Mediterranean region, except southeast, Macaronesia. Probably originally native to Italy and North Africa, but now widespread throughout the region. Cultivated as an ornamental plant worldwide

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Acanthus niger Miller

Common names
Name Language
acant Catalan
ala d'àngel Catalan
branca ursina Catalan
cànem de bruixes Catalan
carnera Catalan
caruera Catalan
herba carnera Catalan
herba gegant Catalan
orella de tata Catalan
blød akantus Danish
echte Bärenklaue German
weichblättrige Bärenklaue German
acanthus English
bear's breeches English
bear's foot English
common acanthus English
oak-leaved bear's breeches English
oyster plant English
soft-leaved bear's breeches English
acanto Spanish
alas de ángel Spanish
alcanto Spanish
branca medicinal Spanish
carderona Spanish
carneruna Spanish
flor de Argel Spanish
hierba carderona Spanish
hierba giganta Spanish
hierba gigantina Spanish
lampazo Spanish
nazarenos Spanish
nazarenos de Andalucía Spanish
oreja de gigante Spanish
oreja gigante Spanish
acanthe French
acanthe à feuilles molles French
acanthe molle French
branche-ursine French
meki primog Croatian
acanto Italian
acanto comune Italian
brancalupo Italian
branca orsina Italian
ハアザミ Japanese
アカンサス Japanese
アカンツス Japanese
akansasu Japanese
akantsusu Japanese
haazami Japanese
ħannewija Maltese
zachte acanthus Dutch
akant Polish
akant miękki Polish
acanto Portuguese
acanto-manso Portuguese
branca-ursina Portuguese
erva-gigante Portuguese
gigante Portuguese
pé-de-urso Portuguese
акант мягкий Russian
björnklo Swedish
blød akantus Swedish
mjukakantus Swedish
ayıpençesi Turkish