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Acorus calamus(ACSCA)

Last modification: 2002-07-18

Basic information
  • EPPO code: ACSCA
  • Preferred name: Acorus calamus
  • Authority: Linnaeus


The plant originally described in Europe as Acorus calamus is a sterile triploid, naturally occurring in Asia, which has spread naturally or been introduced by human agency into Europe, South Africa, North America and Australia. The cut foliage was used in earlier centuries as a fragrant floor covering, a use which has now virtually disappeared, so that A. calamus is now much less frequent in its introduced range than it was in the past. In eastern Asia, a fertile tetraploid form exists in the wild, known as A. calamus var. angustatus. Wild diploid forms are also known in Asia, as putative parents for the triploid. The plant known as Acorus americanus, in North America, is also a diploid. Some authors consider all these forms to be simply A. calamus 
WSSA list of weeds in North America, introduced and invasive in Central Russia

Common names
Name Language
аир Bulgarian
миризлив акорус Bulgarian
càlam Catalan
puškvorec obecný Czech
kalmus Danish
Arzneikalmus German
deutscher Ingwer German
Kalmus German
άκοπος Greek
calamus English
flagroot English
sweet cane English
sweet flag English
acoro Spanish
ácoro Spanish
ácoro indio Spanish
ácoro verdadero Spanish
cálamo acuático Spanish
cálamo aromático Spanish
cálamo verdadero Spanish
harilik kalmus Estonian
rohtokalmojuuri Finnish
acore calame French
acore odorant French
acore vrai French
canne aromatique French
jonc odorant French
roseau aromatique French
obični iđirot Croatian
kálmos Hungarian
acoro aromatico Italian
calamo aromatico Italian
calamo odoratico Italian
ショウブ Japanese
shôbu Japanese
balinis ajeras Lithuanian
smaržiga kalme Latvian
echte kalmus Dutch
kalmoes Dutch
kalmusrot Norwegian
tatarak zwyczajny Polish
calamo-aromatico Portuguese
calm Romanian
obligeană Romanian
аир болотный Russian
аир обыкновенный Russian
айр обыкновенный Russian
puškvorec obyčajný Slovak
pravi kolmež Slovene
prese Albanian
kalmus Swedish
eğir otu Turkish
лепеха звичайна Ukrainian
chāng pú Chinese
菖蒲 Chinese