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Acer saccharum(ACRSC)


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Commodity Pests
plants for planting Davidsoniella virescens (CERAVI)
plants for planting Euwallacea fornicatus (as Acer) (XYLBFO)
plants for planting Hyphantria cunea (as Acer) (HYPHCU)
plants for planting Malacosoma disstria (as Acer) (MALADI)
cut flowers or branches Davidsoniella virescens (CERAVI)
cut flowers or branches Hyphantria cunea (as Acer) (HYPHCU)
squared wood Euwallacea fornicatus (as Acer) (XYLBFO)
non-squared wood Davidsoniella virescens (CERAVI)
non-squared wood Euwallacea fornicatus (as Acer) (XYLBFO)