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Acer opalus(ACROP)

Code created in: 2002-02-13

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: ACROP
  • Preferred name: Acer opalus
  • Authority: Miller


Europe, from France and Spain to Caucasus, North Africa. Unlike most Acer spp., rare in cultivation

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Acer italicum Lauth
Acer opulifolium Chaix

Common names
Name Language
Italian maple English
opalus maple English
Frühlingsahorn German
italienischer Ahorn German
Schneeballahorn German
schneeballblättriger Ahorn German
schweizer Ahorn German
stumpfblättriger Ahorn German
ayard French
ayart French
duret French
érable à feuilles d'obier French
érable de Mahon French
érable des Italiens French
érable d'Italie French
érable duret French
érable opale French
acirón Spanish
asar Spanish
illón Spanish
orón Spanish
acero alpino Italian
acero fico Italian
acero italico Italian
acero napoletano Italian
acero opalo Italian
opalo Italian
Italiaanse esdoorn Dutch
bordo-de-grenada Portuguese
bordo-italiano Portuguese
italiensk lönn Swedish
клён итальянский Russian
arce Aragonese
azirón Aragonese
illón Aragonese
eihar italiara Basque
blada Catalan
blada de fulla gran Catalan
ausero Occitan
auseròu Occitan