EPPO Global Database

Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus(ACLSV0)

Code created in: 2002-02-27

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: ACLSV0
  • Preferred name: Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Apple chlorotic leaf spot closterovirus
Apple chlorotic leaf spot trichovirus
Apple chlorotic leafspot virus plum bark split strain
Apple latent virus 1
Pear ring mosaic virus
Pear ring pattern mosaic virus
Quince stunt virus

Common names
Name Language
bark split of plum English
bark split of prune English
butteratura of apricot English
chlorotic leaf spot of apple English
dark sunken mottle of peach English
incompatibility and decline of apricot English
pseudo pox of apricot English
pseudo pox of plum English
ring pattern mosaic of pear English
ring spot mosaic of mountain ash English
viruela of apricot English
chlorotisches Blattfleckenvirus: Apfel German
Ringfleckenvirus: Birne German