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Acalypha hispida(ACCHI)

Last modification: 2000-06-06

Basic information
  • EPPO code: ACCHI
  • Preferred name: Acalypha hispida
  • Authority: Burman


Oceania. Cultivated as an ornamental and introduced and occasionally naturalized in many countries

Common names
Name Language
feuerroter Katzenschwanz German
feuerrotes Nesselblatt German
rauhes Nesselblatt German
chenille plant English
copperleaf English
acalifa Spanish
crista-de-Perú Spanish (BO)
chaton rouge French
chenille French
méduse des Philippines French
ortie brûlante French
queue de renard French
ricinelle French
ベニヒモノキ Japanese
benihimonoki Japanese
rode kattestaart Dutch
cauda-de-raposa Portuguese (BR)
акалифа щетинистоволосистая Russian
hóng suì tiě xiàn cài Chinese
红穗铁苋菜 Chinese