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Abutilon grandifolium(ABUMO)

Last modification: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO code: ABUMO
  • Preferred name: Abutilon grandifolium
  • Authority: (Willdenow) Sweet


South America (especially Bolivia). Cultivated as an ornamental in the tropics. Naturalized in Africa, Canary Islands, USA (Hawaii) and Australia

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Abutilon molle Sweet
Sida grandifolia Willdenow
Sida mollis Richard

Common names
Name Language
hairy abutilon English (US)
hairy Indian mallow English
hairy tall abutilon English
velvetleaf English
weiche Schönmalve German
weichhaariges Abutilon German
abutilon French
fausse guimauve French
yute de África Spanish
abutilão Portuguese
stor klockmalve Swedish