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Abies fargesii(ABIFG)

Code created in: 2003-05-07

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: ABIFG
  • Preferred name: Abies fargesii
  • Authority: Franchet


China, west and central. Some authors distinguish var. faxoniana, restricted to Sichuan

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Abies fargesii var. faxoniana (Rehder & Wilson) Liu
Abies faxoniana Rehder & Wilson
Abies sutchuenensis (Franchet) Rehder & Wilson

Common names
Name Language
Farges's fir English
Faxon's fir English
Szechwan fir English
Farges' Tanne German
Faxons Tanne German
Sutchuan-Tanne German
sapin de Farges French
sapin de Faxon French
sapin de Sichuan French
abete di Farges Italian
abete di Szechwan Italian
bā shān lěng shān Chinese
巴山冷杉 Chinese