EPPO Global Database



Organism Type
Abutilon mosaic virus (as Malvaceae) (ABMV00) Host
Bemisia tabaci (as Malvaceae) (BEMITA) Host
Dysdercus peruvianus (as Malvaceae) (DYSDPE) Host
Earias biplaga (as Malvaceae) (EARIBI) Host
Orgyia leucostigma (HEMELE) Host
* Heppner JB (2003) Lepidoptera of Florida. Part 1. Introduction and catalog. Volume 17 of Arthropods of Florida and neighboring land areas. Division of Plant Industry. Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Gainesville, Florida. 670 pp

* Robinson GS, Ackery PR, Kitching IJ, Beccaloni GW & Hernández LM (2010) HOST - A database of the world's Lepidopteran hostplants. Natural History Museum, London. https://www.nhm.ac.uk (Accessed on 7 December 2020 and 21 March 2021)
Oxycarenus hyalinipennis (as Malvaceae) (OXYAHY) Host
Oxycarenus lavaterae (as Malvaceae) (OXYALV) Host
Pectinophora gossypiella (as Malvaceae) (PECTGO) Host
Pectinophora scutigera (as Malvaceae) (PLAYSC) Host
Anthonomus grandis grandis (as Malvaceae) (ANTHGR) Wild/Weed
Dysdercus cingulatus (as Malvaceae) (DYSDCI) Wild/Weed
Sacadodes pyralis (as Malvaceae) (SACAPY) Wild/Weed
Spodoptera praefica (PRODPR) Wild/Weed
* British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture. Western yellowstriped armyworm (Spodoptera praefica). https://rdno.civicweb.net/document/127358/western-yellowstriped-armyworm.pdf?handle=3CD053B4F8D54F9CBB93F8D6D5572C27
Tomato torrado virus (TOTV00) Wild/Weed