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x Cuprocyparis(1CUYG)

Code created in: 1997-09-29

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: 1CUYG
  • Preferred name: x Cuprocyparis
  • Authority: Farjon


Not a natural genus, but a name coined for some hybrids obtained in cultivation. Depending on which genera the parents are considered to belong to, these hybrids have been called x Cuprocyparis (Cupressus x Xanthocyparis), x Cupressocyparis (Cupressus x Chamaecyparis), x Hesperotropsis (Hesperocyparis x Callitropsis), or considered as hybrids of Cupressus (Cupressus x). This cannot be solved here.

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Cupressocyparis Dallimore
Cuprocyparis Farjon
Hesperotropsis Garland & Gerry Moore
x Cupressocyparis Dallimore
x Hesperotropsis Garland & Gerry Moore