EPPO Global Database



Organism Type
Cheravirus arracaciae oca strain (as Amaranthaceae) (AVBO00) Experimental
Cheravirus arracaciae oca strain (as Chenopodioideae) (AVBO00) Experimental
Tobacco streak ilarvirus potato strain (as Amaranthaceae) (TSVP00) Experimental
Tobacco streak ilarvirus potato strain (as Chenopodioideae) (TSVP00) Experimental
Beet leaf curl virus (BLCV00) Wild/Weed
Helicoverpa zea (HELIZE) Wild/Weed
* Kogan M, Helm CG, Kogan J, Brewer E (1989) Distribution and economic importance of Heliothis virescens and Heliothis zea in North, Central, and South America and of their natural enemies and host plants. InProceedings of the Workshop on Biological Control of Heliothis: Increasing the Effectiveness of Natural Enemies, New Delhi, India, 11-15 November 1985 1989. New Delhi, India: Office of International Cooperation & Development, USDA.
Lixus juncii (LIXUJU) Wild/Weed
Spiroplasma citri (as Amaranthaceae) (SPIRCI) Wild/Weed
Spiroplasma citri (as Chenopodioideae) (SPIRCI) Wild/Weed
Torradovirus lycopersici (TOTV00) Wild/Weed